5 Ways to Prevent Hair Shedding During Fall

Jul 5, 2024

 As we transition into the autumn season, you may have noticed some unexpected changes in your hair. It's not about channeling your inner wild animal, but rather a natural response to the fall environment. Your hair naturally begins to shed and thin out, paving the way for new, healthier growth. If you're less than thrilled about sporting that "jungle chic" look, let's explore some professional tips to help you maintain vibrant, thick hair during this season.

1. Indulge in Scalp Massages: Rejuvenate and Restore

Imagine the bliss of a soothing head massage – it's not just a treat for the soul but also a boon for your scalp health. This gentle kneads stimulate your scalp, coaxing it into releasing sebaceous oils while promoting better blood circulation. You can head to the spa for the ultimate pampering, persuade your partner to give you nightly scalp massages, or simply grab a specialized scalp massager and make it a daily ritual. Trust me, this simple act can work wonders in curbing hair shedding. Check out my blog Benefits of a Scalp Massage. to learn more about scalp massaging.

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2. Deep Conditioning: Love Your Locks

Your hair tells a story, but if it's looking a little too thin, it's probably narrating tales of neglect. Our daily grind subjects our hair to various damaging elements like heat, pollution, chemicals, and toxins – it's like an action movie with our hair as the unsuspecting hero. That's why a weekly deep conditioning routine is your ticket to healthy, luscious locks. Deep conditioning infuses your hair with the love it craves, ensuring it remains moisturized and resilient. Check out my blog How to Properly Use a Hair Mask   to get the most out of your hair mask routine while getting expert suggestions based on your needs! 

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3. Time for a Trim: A Counterintuitive Trick

I get it – the idea of trimming your hair while fretting about hair shed or thinning may sound counterintuitive. But trust me, it's a secret weapon against thinning hair. Regular trims encourage your hair's natural regrowth and help you bid farewell to those dry, damaged ends that are leeching the vitality from your mane. Experts recommend a trim every 8 weeks. Not only will it eliminate those pesky split ends, but it will also kickstart the growth of new, healthier hair.

4. Embrace Healthy Habits: Your Hair's Best Friend

Let's be honest, we all have habits that inadvertently coax our hair into a game of hide-and-seek. When you notice excessive hair loss, it's time to reflect on your daily routines. Everything from nutrient deficiencies to sudden weight loss, medication side effects, over styling, and even the habit of hair-pulling can tip the scale towards hair shedding.

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Take a closer look at your diet and make necessary adjustments to ensure you're providing your body with vital nutrients. If medication is the culprit, consult with your healthcare provider to explore alternatives. Dial down the usage of hair irons and curlers, and allow your hair to air dry more often. And remember to load up on hair-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, iron, and Zinc from your diet. Opt for natural, organic fruits and vegetables for that extra oomph.

5. Prioritize Self-Care: Stress Less, Shine More

Set aside some me-time to unwind and de-stress. A warm bath with Epsom salts, soothing music, and a dash of serenity can work wonders. Go for a leisurely walk, practice deep breathing, infuse your space with essential oils, and sip on herbal tea to reconnect with inner peace. You see, stress and hair shedding are frenemies, so the more you can zen out, the better your hair will thank you.

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So, my dear clients, these tips are the secret to maintaining a luscious, thick mane this fall. Trust me, when you incorporate these professional suggestions into your routine, you'll be flipping your gorgeous hair with confidence in no time. Happy hair days await!

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